Nfl Helmets Pack Blog Mini NFL Helmets Please Aid!?

This blog is made to share info on my custom produced gumball sports helmets and to additional the hobby of helmet collecting. LIDS carries an unbelievable choice of college helmets, other college novelty merchandise and more to satisfy collegiate sports fans and style-conscious guys and girls on campus. I count on that I will do a complete post on the NFL, considering that my function now contains additional than just the present helmets. Even though the football helmet version of the logo will remain the primary logo, I plan on using the baseball and hockey logos for baseball and hockey promos.

Our football mini helmet comes with NationsBest on the side or you might pick to have your team logo! This was the only time the AFL All-stars wore specific helmets and I now have them in Gumball Size! I bear in mind that most of the time, the small league baseball teams I played on had hand-me down, generic hunting batting helmets. Celebration Pack helmets are as described, 1 1 / 2 inches high, and smaller pocket helmets.

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